Different Types of Window Stickers and Decals Explained

When it comes to branding your business and products, custom window stickers and decals offer an economical, and low maintenance way to share your messages with your customers. To help you decide which type will work best for you, let’s take a look at the top three types of stickers and decals we recommend for using on windows.

There are many options of stickers and decals that can be used as window stickers, and each has unique qualities that influence where they look and work the best in application. Before letting the technicalities get confusing, take a look at the top three types of stickers and decals we recommend for using on windows, to help you decide which type will be best for your needs.

Digitally printed in full color, these stickers also print with a white ink layer set behind the image area, to help improve the opacity of the inks. If you are looking for a “stained glass” look, we can eliminate the white ink layer. Clear Stickers are finished with a UV laminate for versatility in both indoor and outdoor settings. You can choose between back or front face adhesive, inside window applications. Since they are made of a durable material, with a self-sticking adhesive, these stickers can also be used on car windows, and in outdoor settings.

Custom Vinyl Cut Decals are cut directly from a single colored vinyl. We have 8 standard colors of vinyl available (white, black, yellow, red, blue, metallic gold, and metallic silver). We can also print Pantone color matches on white vinyl to match colors we do not already have available.

The cut out look of these decals creates a unique look that features only your design. Vinyl Cut Decals have an additional premask layer on the non-sticky side of your decals. This allows for a clean transfer of only your design. An application kit and instructions are included.

Because of the premask layer, and transfer process, Vinyl Cut Decals are also known as vinyl transfer decals. These decals are cut from an extremely durable vinyl, which can withstand the elements when used outdoors, and last up to 5 years. With this durability Vinyl Cut Decals are versatile for use outdoors, and work great on exterior windows and on automobiles with exposure to sunlight.

Static Cling Decals are applied with the natural static created on smooth surfaces with the moisture in the air. Because they do not have adhesive, Static Cling Decals should be used only indoors, and will work best when applied to a clean dry glass surface. This is because the “clinging” ability of these decals can be affected by natural changes in temperature and humidity of the outdoors, causing them to wrinkle, or peel away from the surface.

These decals can retain their clinging abilities for at least a year, depending on the humidity and conditions of where you apply your Static Cling Decals. With your choice of clear or white vinyl, and printed with full color these decals let you easily share your brand or showcase your products in windows and glass case displays.

Static Clings are ideal for application on interior windows, and can be printed with a front facing design for use on the interior of a window facing out.

Originally published at www.stickergiant.com.

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